A downloadable Bash

The nostalgic experience Smash TV fans around the globe have anxiously been waiting for...
Smash your way through an aggressive alien horde, use your laser cannon to disintegrate the green enemies that line up before you.
You must fight to survive...

"SUPER SMASH E-TV" is a creative re-hash of the popular arcade game "SMASH TV." In SSETV you awake from a deep slumber only to discover you have been abducted by aliens!

Now, these aliens don't plan on tagging you quick, you wont be left back on the Arizona farm. Instead expect to be thrown into the greatest interstellar TV show the multiverse has ever seen. Thats right, even greater than X-factor! You must fight your way out of a gladiator-esque pit of alien scum. Defeat the great alien overlord and plot your escape back to earth.

College project for D.I.T. DT508 Games Design by Joseph Breslin and Inara Tork